Partner projects

The NEWCOMERS project and the Our Energy platform partner closely with the following H2020 projects:


The H2020 COMETS project advances the scientific knowledge on Collective Action Initiatives (CAIs). The objective is to support energy transitions by engaging citizens.

The collaboration with the Our Energy platform is achieved through co-creation of synergies with the Communities for Future collaborative platform. You can find NEWCOMERS and Our Energy related topics discussed in the forum.


The H2020 SocialRES project provides a better understanding of socioeconomic, gender, sociocultural, and socio-political factors and their interrelations with technological, regulatory, and investment-related aspects. By unleashing the potential of social innovation, SocialRES furthers the goals of the Energy Union ensuring a more secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy system for European citizens.

In 2021, the EU project SocialRES will launch an online platform for professionals in the energy sector. Content and networking synergies are planned to be co-created with the NEWCOMERS project and the Our Energy platform.

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