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Hear from Solbyn in Dalby

Get inspired by a Swedish energy community, Solbyn in Dalby. Solbyn in Dalby is a cooperative housing association initiated in 1979 with the aim to promote sustainable living. The community took on several sustainable energy project, such...

7 min time

Get inspired by Energy Local

Energy local is a British community, that supports the consumption of locally generated renewable electricity through the creation of ‘Energy Local Club’. ELC are place-based communities, where domestic customers and local generators...

6 min time

Hear from SocialRES

Hear from SocialRES, a Horizon 2020 project, that through its research, sets the basis for a better understanding of the socio-economic, socio-cultural, socio-political and gender factors that influence the behaviour of consumers in the...

6 min time

Hear from Communities for Future

Get inspired by Communities for Future, a website and platform offering inspiring stories, resources and networking options for all communities, that have been experimenting with and demonstrating sustainable and regenerative ways of...

5 min time


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