Photo of Jenny Palm

Prof. Jenny Palm

  • Lund University

Jenny Palm is a professor in sustainable urban governance for a transition to low-carbon and resource efficient economies. She has a background in energy systems research where she conducts interdisciplinary research combining sociotechnical systems theory with analysis of planning process, governance, technology diffusion and end-users. Objects of study are urban infrastructure and planning, sustainable city districts, prosumers, grassroots initiatives and community energy. Palm’s projects are conducted in collaboration with one or several actors outside academia. Palm is theme leader for the research group Urban governance and experimentation at IIIEE which encompasses around 10 researchers. Her ongoing projects are funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and ERUF.


Energy Systems, Smart grid, Socio-technical systems, District heating, End-users, Prosumers, Energy communities, Urban governance, Urban planning

Our-Energy knowledge areas

  • Policy and regulations
  • Energy conservation and demand response

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