Photo of Gaetano Squadrito

Dr. Gaetano Squadrito

  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)

Gaetano Squadrito is a researcher at CNR-ITAE, with 23 years of experience in applied research as well as experience in coordinating FP7 projects (e.g. ETRERA). He is CNR’s representative in the technical committee TC105 of the International Electrotechnical Committee, and ITAE’s representative in the H2IT association. His research interests are related to highly efficient and low polluting energy production, storage and distribution, with focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Currently, he is working on development, production and characterisation of systems for energy production and storage, on energy production by bio-electrochemical systems, bio-hydrogen production and application of innovative energy technologies in buildings and industries. His research is linked to technology transfer to society and companies. He has also experience with research dissemination activities for public events. He is author/co-author of 46 scientific papers and book chapters, 82 congress papers, and more than 50 reports for EU and national projects and for industrial contractors. He served as Guest Editor of four special issues of academic journals and is member of the organising committee of three international conferences, and chair of one international conference.


Energy systems research, technology transfer, energy storage and distribution, innovative energy technologies

Our-Energy knowledge areas

  • Systems, technologies and actors
  • Energy conservation and demand response

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