About Our Energy

Our Energy is an online platform for education, awareness-raising and networking, focusing on energy communities, energy transitions and related topics. It offers short, interactive multimedia content about the current and future role of new clean energy communities, touching on social, economic, business, regulatory, policy, technological, environmental and other aspects.

Intended for energy communities, their members, and other interested citizens, as well as policy-makers and decision-makers, corporate actors, researchers, and other key stakeholders involved in the achievement of low-carbon energy transitions. The platform offers up-to-date and expert-reviewed facts, knowledge, advice and inspiration about energy and energy communities; short (max. 15-minute), interactive, advanced multimedia presentations; and above all: regularly added new content!

Free access and open educational resources. All educational and awareness-raising content is freely accessible without registration. Selected parts of the multimedia presentations are offered as OER (open educational resources, more info here) that are ready for your use, reuse, remix and other forms of adaptation tailored to your educational, community, business or other needs.

Additional features for registered users. With a registration, you gain content recommendations, based on your interests chosen in the registration process and a free subscription to our digital newsletter, where you can read about new content and platform developments. Several additional features will be offered to registered users in 2021.

New clean energy community network. A networking feature for registered users is being developed and will be available in 2021. Whether you're interested in setting up an energy community, improving the operations of an existing one, learning from other communities or sharing your knowledge and experience – our platform will grant you opportunities to find the right experts and energy communities. Register now (or simply share your e-mail address with us) and we will let you know when the networking feature is launched in 2021.

Output of the H2020 NEWCOMERS project, the Our Energy platform disseminates findings of the Horizon2020 NEWCOMERS project (which stands for: New clean energy communities in a changing European energy system). By exploring different aspects of new clean energy communities' operations, the NEWCOMERS project delivers practical recommendations on how to support new clean energy communities to unfold their potential benefits for citizens and the Energy Union. Interested in the NEWCOMERS project? More info

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